What does it mean to be a Supporter of The Ethics Institute?

Supporters are representatives of our network, comprising friends, alumni, and associates who we hope will contribute to the achievement of our vision. Essentially, anyone who has an interest in organisational ethics or those seeking exposure to training and thought leadership in this domain will find value in joining the Supporter network.

All financial contributions from Supporters are directed toward advancing our thought leadership initiatives for the benefit of the public.

Individual Supporters

The Ethics Institute invites individuals from all walks of life to contribute to our vision of building an ethically responsible society. Any like-minded individual can become a Supporter of The Ethics Institute by signing the Supporter Pledge and paying an annual subscription fee.

Upon receipt of your personal information, signed pledge, and confirmation of your month of joining, you will be issued a pro-rata invoice. This invoice will adjust your subscription to align with our annual invoicing cycle, which runs from 1 April to 31 March.

Individual Registration

Group Supporters

We encourage organisations to pay a group subscription fee, relative to the organisation’s size, for the subscriptions of a corresponding number of individual Supporters. Organisations funding a group of Supporters benefit from a special discount on The Ethics Institute’s professional and advisory services.

Additional subscribers may be added for any group size, at an additional cost of R1 240.00 per person.

Should an organisation, however, select to subscribe less beneficiaries relative to the organisation’s size, their listed beneficiaries may still receive individual discount benefits on training and events, but no group discount benefit on professional and advisory services will be granted.

Group Registration

Supporter Benefits

The complete subscription fee for the 2024 period is R1,240.00, inclusive of VAT. All TEI Supporters enjoy an array of comprehensive benefits, encompassing:

  • Exclusive access to our events and training sessions at a special discounted rate, which also extends to events and training organised by most of our partner organisations.
  • Exclusive invitation to our annual Supporter and Sponsor Gathering, offered complimentary.
  • Receipt of annual certificates, available exclusively to our Supporters.
  • Reception of milestone certificates: upon joining and at 5, 10, and 15 years of Supporter affiliation.
  • Subscription to our monthly “Ethical Citizens’ Newsletter,” featuring original articles composed by our team of experts.

TEI Supporter Pledge

Upon joining and annually upon renewal, Supporters are expected to make the following Pledge:

“I support The Ethics Institute’s vision of building an ethically responsible society by acting ethically and promoting ethics in my sphere of influence”.

While we require all Supporters to make this aspirational commitment, we do not police their adherence to it. Therefore, it should not be assumed that a Supporter’s conduct carries the stamp of ethical approval from The Ethics Institute.

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