The Ethics Institute is financially self-sustaining and operates simultaneously as a public institute and as a social enterprise.

We produce freely available research and thought-leading publications, contribute to national discourse and policymaking, and attract the support of individual Supporters and organisational Sponsors. We render a wide array of services to paying clients, and secure funding from large organisations for specific projects.

The rationale behind TEI’s funding model is rooted in the concept that generating income is not a standalone objective. Any profits generated are reinvested to enhance our capacity for further research and service provision, aligning with our overarching mission of fostering an ethically responsible society.

We are on a trajectory that requires ongoing innovation to meet the needs of our target organisations and society at large – and our diversified funding model contributes to the sustainability of this trajectory.

In view of the above, we actively seek funding from organisations to champion our distinct thought leadership initiatives, including the Ethics Handbook Series, research reports, and other pioneering ethics interventions. We encourage you to connect with us – we eagerly await your organisation’s input. For more information about upcoming projects and funding opportunities, please contact Celia Lourens at

Appreciating our Sponsors

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Grant Sponsors, whose generous contributions drive us closer to realising our vision of building an ethically responsible society.
Tier 1 Grant Sponsors

Minimum R165 000

Tier 2 Grant Sponsors

Minimum R60 000

Tier 3 Grant Sponsors

Minimum R30 000