Ethically Aware Supplier Induction Programme - EASI

Ethically Aware Supplier Induction Programme (EASI)

An interactive online e-learning programme featuring animated video content, case studies, practical scenarios, and exercises. Large companies, driven by a commitment to good governance, can utilize the EASI programme to provide ethics training to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within their supply chains. Upon completing the programme, these SMEs will receive accreditation as “Ethically Aware,” which is recognised by several supporting large organisations.

This program is specifically tailored for executive managers of SMEs who are navigating the growing demands of ethics in business and seeking effective ways to address them. EASI is hosted on TEI’s Learning Management System and typically takes approximately 3 hours to complete. TEI provides client reports to companies, allowing them to monitor the progress of their participants.

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Ethical Conduct in organisations (ECO)

An interactive online e-learning learning programme that employs animation, practical scenarios, and exercises to provide participants with hands-on insights into ethical issues within organisations. The programme is hosted on TEI’s Learning Management System, takes about 3 hours to complete, and can be done at own pace in manageable sections. It is ideal for staff or management groups.

Its content aligns with the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, addressing critical topics such as:

  1. Conducting business with integrity, encompassing fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest, and gifts.
  2. Ensuring fair treatment of staff.
  3. Addressing the social and environmental responsibilities of businesses.

Staff Ethics Awareness Programme (SEAP)

The TEI Staff Ethics Awareness Programme (SEAP) is designed to provide ethics training to employees who may not regularly receive such training from their employers. Targeting middle management, first-line supervisors, and semi-skilled employees, SEAP consists of three video-based modules covering topics such as the importance of ethics, ethical challenges in organisations, and individual roles in promoting ethics.

Each module contains six short video clips, totalling 18 clips, presented in culturally accessible English and available in Portuguese. Accessible via the organisation’s intranet/email, SEAP can also be used in facilitated sessions or for self-study. Additionally, SEAP includes self-assessment questions, trainee and instructor manuals, and a coaching session aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of ethics training. Developed by TEI and sponsored by Exxaro Resources, SEAP is available for purchase.