What are ethics audits?

Ethics audits are systematic evaluations or assessments of an organisation’s ethical practices, policies, and culture. These audits are designed to examine how well an organisation adheres to ethical standards and principles, and they help identify areas where improvements are needed. Ethics audits are valuable tools for organisations looking to maintain high ethical standards, promote a culture of integrity, and minimize the risk of unethical behaviour or legal and reputational issues.

The primary purpose of safe reporting assessments and certification is to protect whistleblowers who, often at their own risk, choose to do the right thing. These individuals must be able to trust that their personal information will be treated confidentially and safely. TEI maintains that the certification of a safe reporting line by a credible service provider should provide whistleblowers with peace of mind, assuring them that the reporting line they use is reliable.

TEI assesses service providers against our Safe Reporting Service Provider Standard, referred to as “SafeLine”. There are three versions of this certification to meet the varying requirements of our customers.

Designed for independent service providers hosting hotlines for clients.

Tailored for internal whistleblowing lines hosted by organisations for their own employees and suppliers. (“Safeline-IN“)

Specifies the requirements for a high-quality digital safe reporting system managed by independent safe reporting service providers.

The successful assessment of a safe reporting line results in a 12-month certification, which must be renewed annually for quality assurance purposes.

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Advance Call Ethics & Fraud Hotline

31 Jan 2024 to 31 Jan 2025

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Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous

30 June 2024 to 1 July 2025

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Vuvuzela Hotline (Pty) Ltd

19 July 2023 to 18 July 2024

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Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd

8 March 2024 to 8 March 2025

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15 March 2024 to 15 March 2025

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