Re Sustainability Limited Ethics in the Spotlight: Celebrating Ethics in the Workplace

At Re Sustainability Limited (“ReSL”), we believe that thriving in today’s market relies on the integration of business ethics and good corporate governance. In line with our ongoing commitment to ethics, ReSL celebrated the month of April 2023 as “Re Sustainability Integrity Month 2023”. 

The theme for RESL Integrity Month in April 2023 was “ESG Risk & Compliance-Leading with Integrity”. Sub-themes encompassed various aspects, including the Code of Business Ethics, Policies, Integrity, Ethics, Compliance, Bribery & Corruption, Gifts & Entertainment, Confidentiality, Prohibition of Misconduct, Respect at the Workplace, Safe Work Environment, Speak OPEN Culture, Whistleblower Policy, Risk Management, Environmental Social Governance Risks, Cyber Risk, Reputation, Employee Pride, Great Place to Work, Environmental Law Compliance, Legal Compliance, Conflict of Interest, Workplace Harassment, Discrimination, Protection of Company Assets, Prevention of Fraud, and Respect and Fair Treatment to Workmen & Vendors, Compliance of Policies (HR, Finance, IT, EHS), Vendor Due Diligence, Recordkeeping and documentation, and Business Judgment and Decision Making without Conflicts.

With the advent of globalization, economies have transcended tangible geographical borders. ReSL operates on an intercontinental scale, with its Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as “Corporate Office”) situated in Hyderabad, India, and its offices (hereinafter referred to as “sites”) spanning India, South East Asia, Middle East, Singapore, the United States, and Tanzania. In a concerted effort to instil the principles of integrity and ethics among employees across all locations, we opted to conduct Integrity Month in a hybrid mode. This approach offers several advantages, including environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Importantly, it broadens outreach, fostering increased engagement and participation from employees. The hybrid format also allows active involvement of employees’ family members, including children, in select events.

Online Events

We utilized digital tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Canva, email, and Google apps including Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Meet, etc., to facilitate online events. The initiative encompassed activities listed below: 

  1. Rendezvous, Leadership Talks: The Managing Director hosted an insightful webinar with other panelists, including the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Joint Managing Director, the CHRO, and the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer (“GC & CCO”). All employees were invited to join the session and given the opportunity to directly ask questions of the CXOs. The announcement of the Integrity Month 2023 Celebration was made by the GC & CCO during this webinar.
  2. Re Sustainability Call for Creative Entries: The GC & CCO extended an invitation to all employees to submit creative entries, including videos, short stories, short films, paintings, memes, posters, photographs, selfies with placards, poems, musicals, quotes, slogans, moral stories, songs, lessons from movies or books, or any other form of creative art reflecting the theme or sub-themes of Integrity Month. Family members of employees were also welcomed to participate, and the substantial involvement of employees’ young children was a delightful surprise.
  3. Re Sustainability Integrity EduQuiz: Launched with the aim of raising awareness about corporate policies, including recent updates, the Integrity EduQuiz served to educate participants on crucial topics. The quiz included questions on various important subjects, such as Corporate Social Responsibility/charitable donations, integrity, conflict of interest, ethical issues in the workplace, prohibition of misconduct, and the whistleblower reporting mechanism, among others.
  4. Re Sustainability Integrity Webinar with Vendor Partners: The GC & CCO extended invitations to the company’s business partners, third-party vendors, suppliers, and other service providers for a vendor partners webinar. During the session, the GC & CCO, along with the head of Supply Chain Management, engaged in discussions about ReSL’s corporate policies and other relevant provisions. They emphasized the significance of ethics and corporate policies to the business partners, encouraging them to incorporate similar provisions into their own corporate policies. 
  5. Re Sustainability Integrity Champion program: The Integrity Champions Program was initiated by the GC & CCO to foster a robust culture of integrity throughout the organization. Employees across all sites were urged to voluntarily nominate themselves to contribute to spreading the message of ethics and integrity in their workplace. The Integrity Champions program, led by the GC & CCO office, seeks to advocate the importance of values such as integrity, honesty, accountability, transparency, and the promotion of an ethical culture within the organization. 
  6. Re Sustainability IntegriTEA talks (Employee Speaking Series): 

The IntegriTEA Talks were an initiative under the Employee Speak series, providing employees with a platform to share their real-life experiences, ideas, thoughts, and opinions on a theme or sub-theme of Integrity Month 2023.

  1. Focused trainings to various departments: The GC & CCO or members of the Ethics and Compliance Team delivered targeted training sessions to various departments. These sessions highlighted and discussed recent revisions in policies.
  2. Trainings to employees: As part of Integrity Month, employees at both the Corporate Office and sites underwent training on Corporate Policies led by Project Heads and Site HRs, following the training deck and other materials provided by the Integrity Month Team. The GC & CCO also conducted on-site training at some locations.

Offline events

To ensure the smooth execution and implementation of events, the Ethics Team at the Corporate Office distributed a comprehensive toolkit to all Site Heads. This toolkit included a step-by-step guide on how to efficiently organize various events on-site. With the assistance of the toolkit, the sites successfully coordinated the following events:

  1. Wall of Integrity: 

The Integrity Month Team supplied all Project Heads/HR Leads with the Wall of Integrity banner, which they subsequently printed and exhibited on-site. Employees at the site contributed by writing quotes, thoughts, and their interpretations of integrity on the Wall, signing it with their names. The Wall of Integrity also showcases the SPEAKOPEN program of the Company.

  1. Integrity Walk: Site personnel organized the Integrity Walk as an initiative to raise awareness about integrity in the workplace. Participants actively took part in a procession throughout the premises, displaying placards and banners emphasizing the principles of integrity, ethics, and compliance.
  2. Integrity Cake: The Integrity Month celebration concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony and a closing speech from the Site HR, Project Head, or senior employees.
  3. Integrity Oath: All employees at the sites took the Integrity Oath, administered by the Project Heads. This ceremonial act exemplified the unwavering dedication of all employees to cultivate and uphold an ethical culture within the workplace.

Re Sustainability Integrity Month Celebrating Excellence Awards and Recognition Ceremony

To acknowledge and reward the active participation of employees in the various initiatives and programs organized as part of the Integrity Month Celebration, a virtual event was orchestrated. The event was hosted by the GC & CCO, with panelists including Board Members, shareholders, CXOs, and SBU Heads, who shared their perspectives on the Integrity Month celebration, its themes, and sub-themes. Various awards were presented to individuals and sites to commend their involvement in the month-long celebration and their commitment to upholding the culture of integrity.

In conclusion, Re Sustainability Integrity Month 2023 was a resounding success. The event played a pivotal role in fostering a deeper commitment to ethics and corporate governance within our organization. Both online and offline activities contributed significantly to enhancing awareness and understanding of ethical principles among our employees.