ABSA Ethics Initiatives Award

We are very proud to announce that The Ethics Institute has declared Absa Group as the winner of the 2022 Ethics Initiative of the Year Award. This award provides the opportunity for ethics practitioners to share successes and to learn from their peers. 

The award is in recognition of the Absa Ethics Programme. It specifically honors the way Absa managed and executed its Ethics Programme during the Covid-19 pandemic, including the proactive interventions implemented, and the strong leadership demonstrated overall. 

The award also recognises the implementation of various initiatives designed to incorporate and integrate its code of ethics known as the Absa Way into its business decisions. In doing so, Absa always encourages consideration of ethical business principles and practices. 

As an organisation Absa amplified and increased its Ethics initiatives to firmly place its code of ethics, which is our code of conduct, as a backbone to navigate and guide decision-making during times of turbulence. Whilst the world slowed down, the Absa Ethics team increased support and visibility and took its ethics program directly to colleagues using technology solutions, online, and face-to-face sessions where contexts allowed this. 

Below are some of the initiatives Absa introduced within the last eighteen months:

  • Absa set the tone from the top by publishing the CEO and Board commitment statements and witnessing the increased senior leadership visibility through branch visits and ethics panel discussions.
  • Absa hosted Ethics Week sessions and panel discussions in its African regional operations as well as in South Africa to celebrate Ethics and reinforce the Absa values.
  • Training sessions were provided to senior leadership and all Absa employees. The training focused on ethics, conflicts of interest, and whistleblowing. 
  • Absa hosted its third global Ethics Day event, where Ethics experts, Absa employees, and suppliers were invited to collaborate and share insights. 

A win for ethics and ethical business practices will always be a win for the reputation and good standing of our organisation. It bolsters the confidence, trust, and goodwill invested in us by stakeholders including our colleagues, customers, regulators, investors, and the communities we serve. 

Doing the right thing always is the winning thing to do!