The Ethics Ambassador Training Programme

This workshop is designed for ethics practitioners seeking to implement an ethics ambassador programme within their organisation and for individuals aspiring to become ethics ambassadors.

The Ethics Ambassador Training Programme aims to enhance the ethics function within the organisation by equipping pre-selected employees with the skills, knowledge, and capabilities required to support the ethics function and promote ethical behaviour within their respective departments and divisions. Essentially, individuals at any job level within the organisation can serve as ethics ambassadors.

During this training, we will explain and position the role of ethics ambassadors within organisations, with the aim of preparing them for their roles and responsibilities. 

These roles and responsibilities primarily include:

  1. Facilitate ethics and ‘ethics talk’ in the organisation.
  2. Help employees to resolve ethical challenges and dilemmas.
  3. Act as an additional safe reporting (i.e., conduct reporting) option for employees.
  4. Spread the ethics message widely and deeply throughout their sphere of influence.
  5. Help the ethics management function to generate ethics awareness.
  6. Help the ethics management function to understand what ethical challenges certain departments/divisions may have.
  7. Fast-track the building of an ethical culture by ‘making ethics real’ for employees.

The duration of the workshop is two full days.

After successfully completing the EOCP and the practical assignment, participants are awarded accreditation by the Stellenbosch Business School (SBS) and TEI as Certified Ethics Officers.

In addition, all newly certified Ethics Officers receive public recognition on TEI’s website and are automatically enrolled as TEI Supporters, with their first year of subscription fees covered.