Managing Ethics in Organisations workshop

This workshop is designed to provide guidance for individuals who:

  1. oversee the management of ethics or
  2. are responsible for the operational management of ethics.

The Managing Ethics in Organisations workshop is intended for those responsible for ethics management, including:

  • Ethics managers
  • Ethics officers/practitioners
  • Governance cluster functionaries with a mandate to manage or support the ethics office (e.g., internal audit, risk, legal, compliance, forensics, HR, and the company secretariat)
  • Ethics ambassadors

During the workshop, the following themes will be introduced and explored:

  1. Ethics in organisations: a shared meaning
  2. The governance of ethics
  3. Organisational ethics management (utilising TEI’s Organisational Ethics Management FrameworkTM)
  4. The ethics management process
    • Ethics risk assessment
    • An ethics management strategy and plan
    • Codes of ethics and policies
    • Institutionalising ethics
    • Monitoring and reporting on the organisation’s ethics performance
    • Independent assessment and the external reporting of ethics performance
  5. Ethics management role players
  6. Towards building ethics organisational cultures

The workshop can be presented in:

  • Contact sessions: one or two full-days 
  • Virtual training: one half-day or two half-days 

After successfully completing the EOCP and the practical assignment, participants are awarded accreditation by the Stellenbosch Business School (SBS) and TEI as Certified Ethics Officers.

In addition, all newly certified Ethics Officers receive public recognition on TEI’s website and are automatically enrolled as TEI Supporters, with their first year of subscription fees covered.