Ethics Champions workshop

Ethics champions, also known as ethics sponsors, play a pivotal role in upholding ethical principles within their organisations. They facilitate ongoing discussions about ethics and serve as a vital link between the Social and Ethics Committee, the organisation’s executive management, and the ethics office (the ethics management function).

The Ethics Champions workshop is tailored for executive-level leaders within organisations who have been nominated to fulfill the role of ethics champions.

During the workshop, the following themes will be introduced and explored:

  1. Ethics in organisations: a shared meaning
  2. The governance of ethics
  3. Organisational ethics management (utilising TEI’s Organisational Ethics Management FrameworkTM) – The ethics management process
  4. Towards building ethical organisational cultures
  5. The role of the ethics champion in building an ethical organisational culture
  6. The ethics competence required of ethics champions. 

The workshop can be presented in:

  • Contact sessions: one full-day or one half-day 
  • Virtual training: one or two half-days 

After successfully completing the EOCP and the practical assignment, participants are awarded accreditation by the Stellenbosch Business School (SBS) and TEI as Certified Ethics Officers.

In addition, all newly certified Ethics Officers receive public recognition on TEI’s website and are automatically enrolled as TEI Supporters, with their first year of subscription fees covered.