EO 649 – Amien Gassiep

Amien Gassiep



Internal Audit Manager

Why did I attend/Why did my company send me? I attended to improve my knowledge of ethics and also as I was involved in the implementation of an ethics management system within the business, the course was very beneficial. The other reason the company sent was as part of my ongoing professional development.

How did it benefit me personally?

I am now in a better position to deal with ethical matters in my day to day life and from a work perspective.

How is it benefiting my company?

The company will benefit as now I am in a position to implement an ethics management system with the organization using a structured approach. I am also able to assist and guide the staff and the organization as a whole when dealing with ethical matters and dealing with ethical dilemmas. I am in a position to promote ethical behavior and improving the ethical culture within the organization.