EO 645 – Rachel Fischer

Mrs Rachel Fischer


African Centre of Excellence for Information Ethics, University of Pretoria

Research Officer

Why did I attend/Why did my company send me?

Researching and lecturing applied ethics, Information Ethics, makes it imperative to take note of best practices in the public and private sectors. Also, managing the research office makes me responsible for ensuring our office and I conduct ourselves ethically.

How did it benefit me personally?

This programme provided an extensive contribution to my general foundation on ethics and philosophy. It gave me very good guidelines for constructing different codes of ethics and conduct and to find ways to apply it appropriately. We were also a very good group that did this programme together which really helped to support the process of completing the practicum. My confidence has increased when speaking of ethics.

How is it benefiting my company?

Our research office and academic department benefits from my training to the extent that I am able to integrate what I have learned when I lecture and conduct training for government officials. It is impossible to complete this and not be transformed in some way. My general awareness on ethical conduct and corporate governance has been expanded which allows for better interaction with colleagues and new networks.