EO 636 – Christine Lubumbe Kasongo





Why did I attend/Why did my company send me?

To improve my knowledge of ethics and integrity related practices in order to effectively carry out corruption prevention within the corporation. To equip me with the necessary skills and access to information in order to enhance my performance as an integrity officer within the organization.

How did it benefit me personally?

The course provided an opportunity for me to interact with people from different organisations and engage in discussions on different practices with regards to ethics and integrity related issues. Being certified as an Ethics officer also means I am better equipped to monitor the implementation of the organisations effort to prevent corruption and report on the improvements the organisaton must make in order for the ethics program to be more effective.

How is it benefiting my company?

The organization will benefit from having an adequately trained Ethics Officer who is well versed in all things ethics. The organization will also have the benefit of putting in place policies that are well thought through and drafted in a way that helps to minimize risk.