EO 624 – Grace Mzotho

My company’s name: GEW Technologies

My designation: Special Projects Administrator

Why did I attend/Why did my company send me?

I attended this course as it was necessary for me to learn more about ethics My job functions are managing Socio-Economic projects, working with internship and learnership programs for the company and I deal with customers on a daily bases. It is of high importance that I understand more about Ethic to make sure that I handle my customers with care and make sure that I am not found in compromising positions in any way.

How did it benefit me personally?

Personally, attending this course was a great opportunity for me as it helped to be able to understand my organization better. This has helped me to read more on ethics and ethically behaviors.  I behave differently from doing things and I always act ethically in all my dealings. I take this as a great achievement and value the hard work that was put in it.

How is it benefiting my company?

I am now able to view our company policies and can make recommendations in modifying them. I still aspire to bring in more changes within our company on learning more about ethics; more especially for my co-workers. As I embark on my new journey as and Ethics Officer, it will be my responsibility to act ethically at all times and brings in changes within the organization where it is needed.  I encourage my colleagues to go on our website and read on the company policies and know more about the structures of the company.