EO 623 – Terusha Ramchund

Terusha Ramchund              

The Institute of Internal Auditors SA

Governance Officer

Why did I attend/Why did my company send me?

I am currently the Ethics Officer at the IIA SA, which entails monitoring and maintaining ethical standards within the organisation as well as with regard to the IIA SA’s membership base. It was therefore important to ensure that the recommendations being provided by the Ethics Office are based on a solid foundation of established ethical theories and practices.   

How did it benefit me personally?


The Ethics Officer Certification Course was comprehensive in that it touched on theoretical ethics principles and their applicability in practice. The course allowed for me to engage with like-minded individuals and discuss and debate the ethical challenges which we each faced in our own organisations.

How is it benefiting my company?

As an Ethics Officer, it is imperative that one’s presence within the organisation is not only recognised, but also valued and respected. The tools provided in the Ethics Officer Certification Course have allowed for me to ensure that my organisation derives the maximum amount of benefit from my efforts as Ethics Officer, whilst also adding validity to the recommendations proposed in terms of maintaining and improving the ethical standards within the organisation.