EO 621 – Darius Chacon

Blaise Darius Abiola CHACON


 Fraud Risk Manager

Why did I attend/Why did my company send me?

I attended Ethics Certification Program in order to be first a fully certified professional in the field of Business Ethics Framework Implementation, and secondly to be able to learn new strategical methods to be efficiently implemented our running the organizational Ethics Program.

How did it benefit me personally?

I personally learned a lot from the course, not only in relation to the concept of ethics, but also multiple ways to implement ethics program in different organization. I had a deep knowledge on the code of ethics and related ethics policies, and specially the role of Ethics Officer in a company…etc.

How is it benefiting my company?
 I do believe it will be very beneficial for my company MTN BENIN even to the level MTN Group because we will have been able to run the Ethics program efficiently by applying skills learned from this Ethics training Course.