EO 608 – David Seie

David Jorge Seie
Institute of Directors of Mozambique (IODmz)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Why did you attend the programme?
This was to build capacity, improve competency and knowledge on the IOD. Operational management, effective corporate governance and business ethical leadership.  In addition, It was to reinforce the team of the IOD trainers and to enrich the training pack for Director development, including professional and capacity building for our members and partner organizations.

How did it benefit you personally?
Personally, I am now equipped with sufficient tools and knowledge to assist my organization and other business agents to do business in ethical way. I have also improved the quality of my professional skills and so, I am feeling strongly confortable and capable to easily sell my professional profile on ethical leadership and management for any organization.   

How is it benefiting your company?
 – Ethical leadership and management of the organization;

Improvement of the ethical conduct of the staff, including the management and board members;

Improvement of income pack through training courses;

– Easy dissemination and sell of the code of ethics developed by IODmz for private sector.