EO 563 – Kgotlaethata C Mooketsane

Kgotlaethata Cornelius Mooketsane
Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS)
Senior Integrity & Internal Investigator

Why did you attend the programme?
In its quest to fight acts of employee misconduct, fraud and corruption, BURS has established an Integrity & Internal Investigation Unit whose mandate is to primarily improve the ethical standing of the organization through employee ethics trainings, and to investigate allegations of employee misconduct, fraud and corrupt practices.

BURS therefore sent me to learn and acquire skills and knowledge that would help it in attaining its desired ethical standing, a step very critical to realizing its mandate of revenue collection on behalf of the Government of Botswana.

In short the organization sent me on a “capacity building mission”.

How did it benefit you personally?
This course has dramatically sharpened my sense of objectivity. I have developed and adopted an ethical rationalization approach as a way of life and the results are amazingly awesome, particularly in the area of marriage.

Business Ethics will continue to be so close to my heart because I now realize its relevance and applicability to almost all spheres and facets of human interaction. It’s very key to healthy social interactions.

How is it benefiting your company?
The Unit of Integrity and Internal Investigation is currently conducting corruption prevention and ethics training workshops to BURS employees. As part of the training team, Im obviously imparting the wealth of knowledge and skills gained in this course to the rest of the organization. The amount of interest and reception to the subject of business ethics shown by BURS employees during this workshops attests to its relevance to BURS mandate.

These workshops are obviously targeting all BURS employees throughout the country. The organization is also at an advanced stage of completing the development of a gift policy. I would not have made all the meaningful contributions had I not attended this course. Kudos to Ethics SA for this insightful course.