EO 557 – Brian Adams

Brian Adams
Honey Badger Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Company Leader

Why did you attend the porgramme?
I’ve been involved in corporate risk management and forensics for many years and for quite a while I’ve wanted to earn a formal qualification in the field of ethics. While I believe that there is a place for compliance, it is high maintenance and reactive. My interest is to achieve high levels of ethics and alignment in organisations by encouraging buy-in and commitment of all team members. This proactive Ethics Inside Out™ strategy changes the hearts and minds of stakeholders and is sustainable and very cost-effective!

How did it benefit you personally?
It was wonderful to meet and get to know many likeminded people who are active throughout South Africa in achieving the shared vision of an ethical society that we can all be proud of!

How is it benefiting your company?
We want to play a leading role and set new benchmarks in the areas where we focus our activities and provide innovative solutions and interventions. The course provided me with new insights and a new perspective which has led us to reposition and re-engineer our approach to providing our services.