EO 524 – Mandisa Bobie

Mandisa Bobie
South African Police Service
Legal Administration Officer

Why did you attend the programme?
The SAPS is training Ethics Officers for every Division with a view of establishing an Integrity Management Services Unit so I was nominated within the Legal Division with the aim of advising members of the SAPS on ethical matters and promoting ethical behavior within the department as well as training and raising awareness of the SAPS Anti- corruption strategy. 

How did it benefit you personally?
It has benefitted me in that it has re-ignited in me the fact that I must always check my moral behavior. Accordingly that I need to take pride in and be professional as a legal practitioner and as s public servant.

How is it benefiting your company?
The SAPS now has in house ethics officer who will assist in implementing the Public Service Integrity Management Framework within the department.