EO 490 – Fana Msibi

Fana Andries Msibi
South African Police Service
SAPS Ethics Officer

Why did you attend the programme?
I attended this course because firstly I am an Ethics officer in the South African Police Service and secondly I needed to understand why people behave unethical even while we have the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics in the organisation.  It was important for to understand the difference of between the Law and Ethics. SAPS is an organisation that operates in a very volatile environment and members sometime find it challenging to find a balance between the conflicting interests, so I needed to know what interventions can assist in promoting an Ethics Culture. 

How did it benefit you personally?
The course provided me with more information than I expected. The facilitators presented a schematic overview of managing Ethics which made the content very easy to comprehend and I left the course understanding that Ethics Management is not only about Anti-Corruption Corruption but it is about creating a culture that will discourage breaches of Ethics.  I now understand the type of external stakeholder the organized can work with based on their interests and legitimate expectations.

How is it benefiting your company?
The course provided the SAPS with options in terms of preventing misuse of state properties, authority and power. The Ethics interventions are enhancing the relations between the communities and the police. There are offices with equipped officer that assist members who are faced with ethics dilemmas. I have no doubt that the SAPS is slowly building grounds to be respected and trusted by its stakeholders.