EO 430 – Mariette Lowes

Mariëtte Lowes
North-West University
Acting Director: Community Engagement 

Why did you attend the programme?
My own interest in the subject and awareness that there is a void in the organization in terms of a suitable platform for discussion of related matters. In addition the buy-in of staff into the existing Code of Ethics is in doubt as well as the process followed in developing such a Code.

How did it benefit you personally?
I have gained tremendously in the week long workshop in terms of knowledge and skills.  In addition, the practicums assisted to a large extend to implement knowledge and to investigate current practices in the company that was investigated. It furthermore allowed for an opportunity to make recommendations to the Board of the relevant company and this resulted in acceptance of the recommendations and actions to be taken regarding the development of a Code of Ethics.  The process to follow will also allow for an opportunity to organize a workshop with all staff members to gain input and to serve as a training opportunity. 

How is it benefiting your company?
My exposure resulted in my organization (Registrar and self) to contact EthicsSA and a workshop and training opportunity was arranged during which the need for further formalized revisit of the existing Code of Ethics/conduct was requested.  As the organization is in the process of strategic planning and revisiting its vision and mission, it seems to be an opportune time to encourage the importance of a formalized approach to ethics and the management thereof.