EO 429 – Nicholas Mahlangu

Mr Nicholas Motebele Mahlangu
North West Department of Public Works and Roads
Deputy Director Internal Control

Why did you attend the programme?
I attended the Ethics Officer Certification Programme in order to assist myself to execute my job responsibility as effectively as possible In addition to gain more knowledge on ethics methodologies and how to apply them in my working environment and understanding the important role play by the Ethics Officer an organisation. It was my career choice to attend this programme and I strongly believe that it will be best for my department and assists management in order to achieve its strategic objectives. 

How did it benefit you personally?
The programme benefited myself by networking with other members of ethics officers and share information and experience with regard to ethics both private, government department and public entities. In addition, also recognition in my department and my province as a Certified Ethics Officer also in our country, more job opportunities and changed myself to always do what good and right. 

How is it benefiting your company?
Currently, my department has established the Directorate for Ethics Management and busy finalising the department structure with DPSA.