EO 412 – Thato Ntai

Thato Ntai
Massmart Pty Ltd
Forensic Audit Specialist

Why did you attend the programme?
I attended this cause to learn how to apply ethics in an organization and to be able to assist my company in maintain the ethical culture we currently have. I also wanted to enhance my knowledge in Ethics and to improve on my Fraud Risk Management skills. 

How did it benefit you personally?
This course has benefited me immensely in my career growth. This qualification has opened doors for me in the Ethics and Forensic industry. I now know that I can lead an Ethics department with confidence. 

How is it benefiting your company?
My Department (Massmart Internal Audit) now has a total of 7, including myself, people are Ethics officers. This shows the level of competency in our department to deal with ethical issues.