EO 390 – Leonard Siula

Leonard Siula
National Bank of Malawi
Senior Employee Benefits Officer

Why did you attend the programme?
I had been privileged to be accorded an opportunity to attend the ethics workshop so as to equip myself with the ethics skills since our organization had just developed a code of ethics. I work for National Bank of Malawi which is one of the biggest financial institution in Malawi and has a wide range of customers who always look forward to getting top class service hence it was ideal for the department to equip one of its staff with the necessary ethics skills so that he imparts the knowledge to other members of the organization.

How did it benefit you personally?
I have acquired practical skills and theory of ethics management. What are challenges of implementing good ethical behavior in an organization. I can ably differentiate what is legally accepted and what is ethically accepted i.e analyzing situations using multiple ethical theories.

How is it benefiting your company?
Since the code of ethics has just been implemented, I look forward to spearhead the training of good ethical behavior so as to maintain public confidence and make National Bank as a bank of choice where top quality service and behavior is maintained to all stakeholders.