EO 381 – George Aminga

George Aminga
National Social Security Fund
Ethics and Integrity Officer

Why did you attend the programme?
I am passionate about ethics and integrity. The ethics and integrity office/function within the organization requires strengthening in order to foster and inculcate ethical conduct in the organization. Through the course/certification:

  • Formulation, review and implementation of policies geared towards culture change and good morals will be done with ease
  • Driving the anticorruption agenda and enhancing ethics and integrity in the organization
  • Resolving of ethical dilemmas and making ethical decisions in the organization
  • Understanding business ethics and why good managers in most cases make bad/unethical decisions.

How did it benefit you personally?
I am now equipped with necessary tools and expertise to combat and deal with unethical conduct in the organization. The course also has empowered me to apply the knowledge gained in personal/private life circumstances. It came at a time when the ethics office is seeking to build capacity and equip its staff to steer positive change/ethical conduct in the organization and we are now up to the task.

How is it benefiting your company?
The value of Ethics while transacting organizational business has been much appreciated. The certification is valued and appreciated by the organization and championing the fight against unethical conduct, meets with no or little resistance. The tone at the top is now favorable and a base has been set for ethical behavior in the organization.