EO 379 – Juven Rittles

Juven Rittles
National Prosecuting Authority
Deputy Director: Fraud & Corruption Investigation and Detection – Integrity Management Unit (IMU)

Why did you attend the programme?
As part of the IMU it was advisable that the Ethics sphere be entered and understood. It brings prestige and recognition to the unit and the NPA as a leading government entity.

How did it benefit you personally?
It renew my understanding of “righteousness” in the workplace. It motivated my despondend self after opening newspapers daily. Ethics and the concepts of integrity and doing the right thing is like a sponge…new, fresh and ready to be gulped. (like amoeba)

How is it benefiting your company?
It enhance the conversations in the corridors, it brings renewed and vigorous debates about cases, issues etc and the ethics officer s advice and/or view of point is highly regarded.