EO 369 – Bruce Adams

Bruce C Adams
Gauteng Department of Sport, Art, Culture and Recreation
Assistant Director: Risk Management

Why did you attend the programme?
The programme was an initiative of the Office of the Premier to train public sector officials as Ethics Officers in an effort to provide a skill set to assist Departments in increasing Ethical Awareness in fighting fraud and corruption in the Province. 

How did it benefit you personally?
Previously, I was unaware of how ethics can greatly benefit me in both a working capacity and in my personal life. The course helped me to identify instances where a good ethical understanding and concept of what good ethics means, can make a tremendous impact on how I as a public sector individual can improve on my service delivery and how I can live my life as a moral standing citizen. 

How is it benefiting your company?
Being in a risk management position, I now have greater awareness of identifying ethical risks that exist in the organization in being able to asses those risks and making proactive steps in minimizing the impact of unethical behavior.