EO 360 – Frieda-marie Rieger

Frieda-Marie Rieger

Why did you attend the Ethics Officer Programme?
“Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching” describes who I am as a person. When I authored a book on the fundamentals of good governance, ethics management became my main interest and in my search on the topic of ethics management I discovered the website of the Ethics Institute of SA. The Institute was able to provide me with all the answers towards my curiosity about ethics and on how to manage ethics. I attended the Ethics Officer Programme to not only equip myself and improve my knowledge and skills but also to be able to assist others in their workplaces on how to manage and promote ethics and ethical behaviour and bring about positive change in the workplace. 

How did it benefit me personally?
Corruption is a silent cancer in our society and the Ethics Certification Programme emphasises the importance of managing ethics in the workplace. The benefit I derived from this programme is that I now consciously strive to think and act ethically while improving my work practices, actions, decision-making and to set an example at all times.

How is it benefiting my company?
The employee relationship is very important in any organisation. A company that embraces the prerequisites for a good employment relationship namely honesty, fairness and transparency will through proper ethics programmes and actions lay down standards of behaviour and clear communication that will improve employee productivity. Misconduct will decrease and less employee complaints will be lodged when employees are treated with respect, honesty, fairness and transparency. Employee loyalty towards the company will increase and they will do the right thing even when no one is watching. Ethical conduct of management towards its employees will reap benefits in the way employees will view the company, conduct customer service and do their work. Not only will employee attitudes change, but commitment to do things effectively, efficiency and economically will increase. And when there is continuous evidence of ethical conduct, no toleration for deviation from set standards the culture of the organisation will slowly but surely change. 

The Ethics Certification Programme equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively towards ethics programmes and actions.