EO 355 – Margaret Omukubi

Margaret Mwembe Omukubi
East African Portland Cement Co. Ltd

Ethics Policy & Data Analyst

Why did attend he programme?
The Company has established an integrity office. This called for strengthening of the office in terms of manpower for: –
1. Preparation/revision of policies/guidelines and implementation of the same
2. Driving the process of protecting, nurturing and improving the ethical culture of the Company
3. Resolution of ethical problems and ethical decision making
4. Broader understanding of business ethics

How did it benefit you personally?
I am passionate about ethics and integrity. The programme equipped me with another weapon to engage in the overdue fight against unethical practices both in the work place, at home and in the community. The certification has seen me Ethics & Integrity office as an Ethics Policy & Data Analyst.

How is it benefiting your company?
Colleagues are more receptive when I share information on the value of ethics in the business environment and the Integrity function is gaining the trust that it so much deserves.