EO 354 – Letshego Manele

Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality
General Manager Human Resources Management

Why did you attend the Ethics Officer Programme?
I attended to comply with King III and to embrace corporate governance. I want to ensure high standard of ethics in order to attract and secure both internal and external stakeholders’ confidence in its dealings with the Municipality. The conclusion of a MoU between Mangaung Metro and EthicsSA enabled me to attend this programme. I was nominated because of my responsibility of ensuring the provision of HRM ethics in all our practices, policies and procedures within the municipality.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
It promoted by sense of integrity and allowed me to cultivate inner peace by making me more focussed and productive. It provided me with a stable life by letting me always tell the truth, avoid harming others and be more generous. It made me more successful, honest, trustworthy, loyal and caring. It raised my competencies to recognise ethical problems in the workplace and to make ethically reasonable decisions. It empowered to conduct a risk assessment and to develop and implement a risk assessment strategy.

How is it benefitting your company?
It builds the image of my company that will enable it to earn a lot of respect and a strong public image. It will encourage a culture of making decisions that enhances accountability and transparency. It will cultivate a strong team work and productivity by aligning the ethics program with the values of both the organisation and employees. It will help avoid criminal act of omission and prevent corruption. The organisation will better manage values associated with quality management, strategic planning and diversity management. Managerial actions will be legitimised, strengthening the alignment of the organisational culture and promotion of trust between individuals and groups.