EO 346 – Mputi Daniel Seshoka

Operational Specialist: Integrity Compliance

Why did you attend the Ethics Officer programme?

To learn how to create and manage an ethics office. I learnt how to ensure compliance with all ethics policy prescripts as an ethics and integrity official. I was also interested in understanding the complexities involved in the management of ethics.

How did it benefit you personnally?
I have developed a good sense of confidence in dealing with matters relating to ethics, conflict of interest in general. I am also acquiring good exposure by reading the course manuals to help with whatever I am not sure about. I have also developed as sense of responsibility and ethical conduct when dealing with clients and colleagues within the organization. 

How is it benefiting your company?
At the moment the company is benefiting from the conflict of interest point of view as the ethics office is not fully functional yet. The knowledge gained also helps the company in planning ahead and identifying possible conflicted areas.