EO 316 – Johanna Joubert

MTN Group Limited
Manager: Leadership Talent Manager

Why did you attend the programme?
I am the chair for the MTN Group ethics task team, an informal body established to operationalise decisions by the Group Board’s Social and Ethics Committee. My role requires that I have a thorough understanding of ethics governance, ethics management, ethics processes and systems, as well as a good foundation in terms of ethics concepts and thinking.
The company has been having fierce reputational attacks on its hands for the past 21/2 years and has needed to ensure the management and proper governance of ethics as a means to instil a culture of ethics across the Group of companies. The company believes that the EOCP skills attendees in ethics management.

How did attending the programme benefit you personally?
I am able to provide advice and relevant perspectives as our ethics task team deliberates ethics management and governance matters and make recommendations to our Group Board’s Social and Ethics Committee.
My understanding of and appreciation for ethics as a field of study has increased.
I have found that I am able to apply much of what I learnt NOT ONLY in my work environment, but also in the context of the NGO Board on which I serve as director.

How is it benefitting your company?
The company has the benefit of an ethics management and governance system being implemented with insight and knowledge. The multifaceted training strategy that we are implementing is also informed by much of what we have learnt on the EOCP. Rating agencies have in past criticized our company for the lack of ethics governance and management knowledge and experience, and this is being addressed as we now have four certified and registered ethics officers in MTN.

Interested individuals may contact me for more information on my experience on the programme.