EO 310 – Sonwabile Kati

Hibiscus Coast Municipality
Manager Internal Audit

Why did you attend the programme?
I was sent by my employer through a partnership with the Ethics Institute of South Africa where EthicsSA conducted workshops for Councillors and management.

How  did it benefit you personally?
Obtained in-depth learning about the importance of organisational values and principles as a strategic prerequisite in building an ethical culture. The course has reshaped my attitude positivley towards influencing other individual personalities in the work place.

How is it benefitting your company?
An organisation built on strong ethical fundementals is an organisation that stand by it vision and effortlessly realizes its objectives. I am committed to advise leadership and management to reaffirm its position to its vision and mission and contribute in the development of ethics governance systems to stimulate the change of ethical culture within the organisation.

Interested individuals may contact me for more information on my experience on the programme.