EO 245 – Unathi Mphendu

Office of the Premier: Gauteng
Deputy Director: Public Service Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Why did you attend the programme?
There is an indication that ethics-related measures are continuing to get attention and priority they deserve in Gauteng Provincial Government departments and municipalities. This prepares GPG departments and municipalities well in thightening their measures for promotion of professional ethics, particulary considering the approval of the Public Service Integrity Management Framework. It was, therefore, deemed necessary by the Office of the Premier to prepare me accordingly in order to be able to assist departments and municipalities with strenghtening measures for managing unethical conduct and promoting integrity in the public service.

How did it benefit you personally?
I am now able to effectively communicate critical ethics data, deal with ethics-related enquiries and advice our stakeholders with relevant information.

How is it benefitting your company?
Firstly, all our officials in the department are regularly advised to consistently act in line with the departemental values and standards. This can only assist to portray a good image of the Office of the Premiert and the entire province for that matter.
Secondly, as the Office of the Premier we need to be in the forefront of building an ethical public service in Gauteng. The Ethics Officer Certification Programme, therefore, provided us with skills, expertise and knowledge on how best to execute that role.

Interested individuals may contact me for more information on my experience on the programme.