EO 235 – Nombulelo Matsapola

Gauteng Provincial Treasury
Deputy Director: Risk Management

Why did you attend the programme?
To assist management improve the departments ethical culture by enhancing ethics performance. To assist departments to identify and assess ethics risks to develop a strong ethical culture.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
I am now able to identify and solve problems by applying ethical principles in my directorate. I am able to work effectively with my team while improving the culture of my unit. I can manage activities around the workplace responsibly in order to demonstrate ethical conduct. It has also improved my communication with my colleagues to promote ethical conduct with the directorate.

How is it benefitting your company?
My role at work is to provide support to GPG Departments in implementing Risk Management, in my support function I am able to provide inputs on responsible leadership giving guidance to management to consider the impact of their personal and organisational decisions to the society they operate in and the economy as well, aiming to provide value added services to departments. With an on-going process of developing an ethical culture, the departments are gradually able to attract and retain those skills and build lasting relationships with service providers and other external stakeholders.

Interested individuals may contact me for information on my experience on the programme.