EO 219 – Alricco Lewis

Gauteng Department of Finance

Why did you attend the programme?
My department sent me on the course, seeing that in terms of the Minimum Anti-Corruption Capacity it requires the involvement of Ethics Officers. The aim is to strengthen and empower the Gauteng Provincial Government’s Anti-Corruption Strategy in the fight against corruption and fraud, with the aim to have a zero tolerance to fraud and corruption within the GPG.

How did it benefit you personally?
The course benefitted me in the manner that I could apply my mind when conducting audits and investigations, before I could reach a conclusion on whether there was a defect or whether there was a deliberate act on the side of the perpetrator. The other benefit was that through this course, it was possible to conclude on the findings where an investigation was conducted in the recruitment process, as it entitles an investigator/auditor to apply the ethical concepts to see whether the correct process was followed and whether the panel disclosed whether they are related or whether they know the candidate etc. In as far as the ordinary audit or investigation concerns it was not possible to prove whether the process was fair and tranparent.

How is it benefitting your company?
Since ethics was a new concept that needed to be implemented in Government departments. It is still a greay area seen that capacity must be created ad that it must be incorporated in the staff establishment. Head of departments also need to be thoroughly briefed on the functions of the ethics officer seen that they themselves do not know the demographics that goes with the role of the Ethics Officer.

Interested parties may contact me for more information on my experience on the programme.