EO 208 – Theresa Wanga

Kenya Ports Authority
Administration Officer

Why did you attend the programme?
I desired to be competent in my responsibilities as the departmental Integrity Assurance Officer. I have a dream that in the near future I will be conducting Ethics and Integrity talks in learning institutions especially primary and secondary schools because my observation is, a larger percentage of our population, lacks awareness and to qoute Prof Deon Rossouw who took us through module 1 and 2, ethics and integrity matters are best learnt on our mothers’ lap. Many parents here do not do that, I therefore desire to play my part, however small, to try and bridge the gap. I am passionate about the subject of Ethics and Integrity beacuse our country has suffered greatly due to lack of awarenss by a larger percentage of citizens on the subject. The organisation was just about to launch its code of ethics, Anti-corruption policy and whistle-blowing policies and therefore required a trained officer on the ground to guide and coordinate corruption prevention activities.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
I have learnt how to make ethical decisions. I can confidently talk to other people about ethical matters a subject I am passionate about. I am able to assess a situation and empathize with the decision maker on the challenges they face in making ethical decisions and have become more objective in my decision-making. I have resolved to give back to society what I have learnt, at the moment I am doing one on-one seizing opportunities to talk about the subject, as such I am fulfilled since I feel I am making my contribution in changing mindsets in our society.

How is it benefitting your company?
I am the only trained Integrity and Assurance oficer in our department and amongst other duties I also ensure staff in the department are sensitised about matters of ethics and integrity. I conduct awareness sessions every quarter within my department where the code of ethicsm whistle blowing policy matters, The Kenya Ports Authority Anti-corruption policy matters are discussed and any other issues that may arise touching on ethics and integrity. I receive reports from staff in confidence, on any breach of the above policies or on ‘wet’ areas identified and reported to the organisations’ ethics and integrity office. I ensure the calendar for Corruption Prevention Committee meetings is adhred to and I take minutes in all the meetings. I forward any issues that cannot be addressed at departmental level to the Divisional meeting (compromising of all technical services departments) of which I am also the secretary. I advice the Head of Department on matters touching on ethics and integrity. I compile a report at the end of each quarter on the above issues and forward tot he Head of Ethics and Integrity. In the last survey conducted by Transparency International in the year 2011 in the organisation our department was rated the least corrupt in the organisation.

Interested individuals may contact me for more information on my experience on the programme.