EO 207 – Simon Zakaria Kingu

Tanzania Revenue Authority
Assistant Manager Internal Affairs

Why did you attend the programme?
The purpose was to understand effective organisational integrity management system so that I can help my organisation and others to institutionalise ethics integrity management system for effective and efficient attainment of organisational goals as well as building good corporate image.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
My knowledge in building an ethical organisation has been largely broadened. I am now certified as an ethics officer, and the programme has given me an extra “ethics eye” especially in conducting ethical risk asessment. As a facilitator of ethics in our institute of tax administration, EOCP has goven me skills for reviewing the ethics cirriculum.

How is it benefitting your company?
As an assistant manager – ethics, EOCP has enabled me to effectively plan and conduct an ethical risk assessment for my organisation and desgin appropriate measures from time to time to promote ethics and integrity (developing systematic measures).

Interested individuals wanting more information on my experience on the programme are welcome to contact me.