EO 200 – Mark M. Mgharo

Kenya Ports Authority
Administrative Officer

Why did you attend the programme?
I attended the course for the basic fact that ethics and integrity does not only form the basement for persons behaviour in the workplace, but it goes beyond duty. It is the individuals behaviour in each and every apect that one encounters and how you deal with it without having to compromise or be compromised. The course enhances behavioural values that surround ethics and integrity, this enriched me with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Why did your company send you on the programme?
Teh Authority selected me because ethics and integrity depaertment was being established in the organisational structure, In order for them to disseminate their Ethics and Integrity mandate / objectives / goals, there was a need for manpower. As a result, officers on Administrative level were found to be the link to staff under respective departments. The initiative I showed on trying to ensure the program kicked off and cooperation, dedication to achieve the objective, made them identify me as one of the potential Ethics and Integrity champions and they found need to be align/strengthen my knowledge on ethics and integrity.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
As the course progressed, I realised that the base values of ethics and integrity were part of me in my day to day interaction and activities. The thing is, I was not focused on placing them in the right place and at the right time. I learnt some things one takes for granted actually boils down to have the ultimate negative impact on ethics and integrity (due to behavioural attitude). Eventually after the closure of the course, I had learnt the importance of practicing ethics and integrity and mu conscious has never been clear befre, I simply learnt to “Do things the right way”.

How is it benefitting your company?
Since the inception of the Ethics and Integrity Department in the Authority, a behavioural change has clearly been noticed. Though out of fear for repercussion for ones actions, slowly but surely individuals are actually realising the negativity of not behaving or practicing good ethics and integrity, as a result, some staff find it the ‘worthy’ the course because it also address issues and end up protecting them from engaging in uncertain activities.

Interested individuals may contact me for more information on my experience on the programme.