EO 180 – Asowga, Tochukwu Charles

Oando PLC
HR, Learning and Development Advisor

Why did you attend the programme?
We were nominated to attend the course by the Compliance and Ethics (C&E) unit as reward for our performance as best “Torch bearers”. I volunteered to be a “Torch bearer” ie persons representing the Compliance and Ethics Unit in your workstation, unit or work area. We report any compliance and/or ethical issues to the C&E unit to close out, if we cannot resolve them on our own. Our colleagues knew us and they assist with information as well as make enquiries from us when in doubt. Ethics and Compliance is a new unit in Oando, and the company is committed to ensuring that every staff, unit and department is knowledgeable about ethics. Our process and procedure must comply with regulatory guideline, which must be ethical. Ethics is the next new area in organisational business, only states and companies that are seen as embracing the new culture of ethics can afford to compete favourably in future. Since C&E is new in Oando, we were nominated to attend the course togehter with the C&E team, in order to know more about ethics; use the knowledge acquired in our job functions and transfer the knowledge to our colleagues, friends and families.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
The training and knowledge aquired helps me in my daily dealings both at work and at home. I am particular about doing the right thing, no double standard, adding value to society and doing away with corruption in Nigeria, Africa and the World, which undergoing a certification as an ethics officer is in line with my dreams.

How is it benefitting your company?
Oando is benefitting immensly as a business embracing the culture of tranparency and ethics. We are qouted in two foreign country stock exchanges and many investors are attracted to doing business with us. The regulatory agancies now know our stand on ethics and compliance, because we work hand-in-hand with them and invited them always in all our C&E forums, where they make presentations as well. This has reduced our expenses on PR, litigation etc. Internally, Ethics and Compliance policies have been developed, communicated to staff and monitored always.

Interested parties may contact me for more information on my experience on the programme.