EO 172 – Millicent A. Omollo

Kenya Ports Authority
Senior Internal Auditor

Why did you attend the programme?
I was sponsored by my employer to attend this course so as to equip myself with the necessary skills that would be instrumental in instilling an ethical culture in our company wide operations. My mandate as an Internal Auditor would then be enhanced to include ethical risk mnagement interventions in the organisations risk management framework.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
The course has been an eye opener to me since my perception of organisational risks which was hitherto skewed towards financial risks has been completely transformed. I now recognise that ethical risks have as much impact on an organisations bottom line as any other risks if not adequately managed. Besides, I have learnt that corruption, whose eradication has been highly emphasized by many companies, is an aftermath of an unethical culture, if ethics is embraced by all, corruption practices may not arise.

How is it benefitting your company?
Having created an Ethics and Integrity function, my organisation has benefitted as more staff now appreciate ethics. My colleagues who have so far attended this course have shared the knowledge with staff with whom they work closely. This enhances the awareness creation being spearheaded by the Ethics and Integrity function.

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