EO 168 – Adediran Opeyemi Blessing

Oando PLC
Corporate Compliance & Regulatory Officer

Why did you attend the Ethics Officer Certification Programme?
I chose to enter this course in order to understand ethical situations in the workplace and make good judgement in all matters of ethical concerns; to display knowledge and exercise skills in entrenching and maintaining organisational values in the workplace, and to thereby create highest ethical standards in the organisation and the society.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
I gained and hones skills on workplace ethics and different ways of setting up and developing an ethics office. The knowledge and understanding about values are profound. The distinction between the ethics of governance and the governance of ethics readily surface in my mind when any governance issue arises. Now I focus mor eon my personal values as my great and precious asset.

How is it benefitting your company?
I am better positioned to give advice on ethical matters and could contribute more to issues in panel of enquiries. The directors and employees benefit from contributions to training slides, ethics watch and other communication tools. My ethical points also impact on transactions and business.

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