EO 164 – Patricia Kerretts-Kemei

Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK)

Why did you attend the programme?
To build professional capacity and competencies in ethics, as I am the integrity officer, and secretary to the Ethics & Integrity Assurance Committee at CCK, the training is of benefit to the team and CCK as a whole.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
I am clearer now on what is required of an Ethics Officer, and the knowledge and process towards mainstreaming ethics at the workplace. I am better placed to handle ethical dilemmas and set standards as well as be an example as an Ethics Officer – it has boosted my confidence.

How is it benefitting your company?
CCK can now be mainstreamed in ethics. The focus shall not only be on corruption prevention but incorporate ethics in the day to day operations. The Code of Conduct shall be revised to a Code of Ethics, so that its not only instructions based but also aspirational. CCK can create a budgetary provision to handle ethics issues and begin the process towards being an even more ethical organisation.

Interested parties may contact me if they want more information on my experience on the programme.