EO 008 – Liezl Groenewald

South African Revenue Service
Integrity Office

Why did you attend this course?
I am responsible for developing and building the Ethics and Integrity Offices in SARS. I saw the course as an excellent oppertunity to develop my own skills and extend my knowledge in this field. Fortunately my company agreed!

How did this course benefit you personally?
I definitely grew as a person through the knowledge I gained. It broadened my mind iro the sticky ethical issues one comes across everyday – not only work related, but also on a personal level. I definitely feel more confident to answer questions from employees and provide them with some guidance iro decision-making.

How is it benefiting your company?
Undergoing the course put me in a position to develop an awareness campaign, questionnaires to access the ethical climate and conducting workshops. All of this will contribute to building a culture of integrity, honesty and openess in SARS – one that is already there to some extent, but needs further development.