EO 118 – Shadrack Muli Munyithya

The Kenya Power & Lighting Co Ltd
Risk Officer

Why did you attend the programme?
Kenya Power has recently started an Enterrpise Risk Management (ERM) function. It is supposed to work closely with the ethics and integrity office that has been there for some time now.
Corruption (poor ethics) risk is a major concern for the company’s management and my training has been part of extending and building capacity for purposes of dealing with it more effectively.

How did it benefit you personally?
Firstly, I am delighted by the qualification as an Ethics officer and this directly strengthens my credentials as a comparative risk management expert from now going forward.
Secondly, there was added knowledge around the area of ethics risk that I did not imagine existed. The intellectual stimulation ws worth every moment of the training and it opens up more frontiers even academically especially in researching and writing on the subject at the local Kenyan scene.
Further, it was worth getting to know the Ethics Institute of South Africa and some of the personnel behind it. This will be good for future networking and benchmarking when necessary.

How is it benefitting your company?
There is a lot going on in the area of Ethics and fighting corruption at Kenya Power. We, who have undergone this certification, have been sharpened further and definitely we are now doing it better from a more informed and professional approach.
The aspect of putting in place an environment that discourages corruption rather than waiting for breaches that happen and then dealing with them was worth learning. We now have material for carrying out better training and wareness creation and buiding up a credible networked team across the company to help us deal with ethics and integrity matters.
Coming up with a whistle blowing policy and framework was also worth learning. Thsi is being done for the company and we are hopeful it will be useful and help in building a credible reporting culture amongst company stakeholders.

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