EO 110 – Sanjana Kissoondharry

Curatus Trust Company (Mauritius) Limited
Legal Executive

Why did you attend the programme?
To gain knowledge on ethics in business, and how to develop, maintain and monitor an ethical culture in my organisation. The knowledge gained will be applied to set up a Code of Ethics, and develop an implementation plan which will be administered and managed by myself, under the supervision of the Board of Directors.
Having reveiwed the ethical status of my company, I am now in the process of implementing a code, in order to implement ethics culture in the office.

How did the programme benefit you?
The course and practicum develops critical thinking on business ethics, and helps assessing how to balance wealth maximisation against the importance of good governance as a whole. This knowledge will be useful throughoutmy career, when polished by continious development in this area.

How is it benefitting your company?
I will now be able to write up a code of ethics adapted to the industry and the specific business requirements of the company. The new strategy will focus on ethical culture and internal reporting. Ethics management in the organisation will fall under the reponsibility of the Compliance Officer. Ongoing informal training, and responding to any potential ethical dilemmas will also fall under my responsibility – under the ultimate supervision of the Board of Directors.

Interested parties may contact me if they want more information.