EO 089 – Anita Staine

South African Bankers Services Company Ltd
Business Assurance and Ethics Officer

Why did you attend the programme?
My company takes ethics very seriously and wanted to enhance the role of ethics throughout the organisation. By my attending the course and completing the practicum with a view to becoming a certified ethics officer, this would give more credibility to the initiatives related to our ethics management programme. Attending the course was also deemed to invaluable my organisation in that I would be able to learn more about what constitutes a robust ethics programme and be able to leverage off what I learnt.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
The course was incredibly beneficial and gave me such a broader base to work from within my organisation in terms of the many processes and procedures that constitutes an ethics management programme.

How did the programme benefit your company?
With the knowledge gained, and my having put into practice elements taken from the course, the benefits and advantages are that we are putting in place a well-rounded ethis management programme with buy-in from the Board of Directors down to employees.

Interested parties may contact me if they want more information on the programme.