EO 087 – Moffet Mabelane

Multinational Mining House
Plant Manager

Why did you attend the programme?
Having completed MBL with UNISA in 2009 and part of the course content modules that covered both corporate governance and business ethics opened my eyes with a matter which always worried me. Having worked in the mining industry for the last 13 years, I always wondered what this phenomenon which is wrong and bad but most people are doing it to succeed in their personal lives. Since understanding the concepts of business ethics I made a personal decision to become an expert in this field as part of the journey doing EOCP should definitely assist in reaching this goal.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
I am definitely well grounded to walk into Ethics Officer’s job if opportunity arises. It has also allowed me to effectively advice on decisions in terms of ethical implications in our management team while serving at my current capacity.

How is it benefitting your company?
Currently my functional team is becoming an example in terms of leading with regard to ethical issues, i.e What is it?, Why is it wrong or bad? Implications?

Interested people may contact me shuld they want me to share my experience with them.