EO 083 – Joel Chigoneka

Internal Auditor

Why did you attend the programme?
Profesisonally it is required that internal auditors should expand their technical competency by enrolling in other related profesisonal fields. This enables us to provide relevant, appropriate and complete internal audit reports which will be useful for the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives.
The company looked at my position as an internal auditor as condusive channel for the enforement of the compliance to the organisation code ethics.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
As an individual, I benefitted a lot since it was my first time to understand in detail about ethics. This has helped me to develop my own ethics which as now are helping me when discharging my duties as an internal auditor.

How did attending the programme benefit your company?
Currently the company is considering developing its first code of ethics documents which will be used as its constitution to manage its ethical related issues. This was my initiative which was enhanced through my report to the Chief Executive Officer after I attended the Ethics Officer training.

Interested parties may contact me should they need additional information.