EO 079 – Prince Josephat

Malawi Switch Centre Limited (MALSWITCH)
Financial Auditor & Ethics Officer

Why did you attend the programme?
My Company sent me to the course to act as a foundation in my new role as the company Ethics Officer.

How did it benefit you personally?
Now I am more confident in my new role as an Ethics Officer, for the course gave me an insight on the meaning of corporate ethics and also on what is and how to develop a code of ethics.

How is it benefiting your company?
My company now will be one of the organization in our country, which will develop a good ethical culture, through guidance from somebody who has got technical knowledge-know how on good international best practice as far as corporate ethics is concerned courtesy of Ethics Institute Of South Africa.

If interested parties need to find out more about the course, can we recommend that they contact you via email?
Yes, I am more than willing to be a role model to others and believe that work environment could be a very good place to work in, if a lot of personnel could have knowledge on the meaning of good corporate ethics.